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A modern yet timeless jewellery collection

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Joo & Co fulfills every jewelry lover’s dreams by selling exquisite jewelry in elegant and beautiful settings. Joo & Co draws on brand heritage and provenance to generate awe enriching unique value to the brand.

We provide a luxurious, welcoming retail experience from the minute the customer enters our store, attended to by knowledgeable and efficient staff. We are known for understanding what the customer wants and needs. We do our best to ensure that all our clients make the right purchase, while explaining and advising them at every step.

Efficiency is extremely important to us – we want the customer to have a positive retail experience in a beneficial and timely manner. Customer satisfaction for us is more important than anything.

At Joo & Co every piece you buy comes with certification and transparency. We also ensure that each purchase is gift wrapped in our top-quality packaging.

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